Monday, June 16, 2014

Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” ― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

Memory.....that uniquely human ability to create from the past a sense of meaning in the present and a trembling anticipation of possibility in the future.

In Loving Memory

Patricia Jean Murray
Oct 1, 1946 - June 16, 2012

Saturday, June 14, 2014

From Utah to Oregon - A picture review

I know I get a little wordy in my blogging so this time I am going to show a picture review of my trip from Southern Utah through Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon over the past six weeks.

I am presently in Oregon and plan to be here through September, at which time I will start my migration back to Texas for the winter.  I sure hope it isn't as cold this coming winter as last!

I hope I don't overload anyone with so many pictures. I chose carefully to represent the trip and these are only a small portion of what I have taken.  Digital cameras have spoiled us all!

Just to prove I am still kicking and grinning through it all.

In a small Wyoming town.

My favorite place....the Grand Tetons

Lake Jackson in the Grand Tetons late May

Our camp in Teton....almost vacant.

Right outside my trailer in Teton

This is in north central Idaho

The whole place, 50 square miles, was a major volcanic eruption within the past 2500 years

I bought a 3 day Idaho fishing license and here I am on the Salmon River ready for tomorrow

This is tomorrow!   It started snowing and did not quit so we got out of there.

I camped next to some hot springs along the Salmon River in Idaho and these guys were my neighbors.

Our campsite along the Snake River near Ontario, Oregon

Approaching the John Day area of Eastern Oregon

I really love this place called Oregon!

My son Jason and my Grandson Shawn.....what a great couple of guys!  Beaverton, Oregon.

I think Shawn likes me!  Dexter is a little jealous.

Visit to Willamette National Cemetery in Portland to pay my respects on Memorial Day

My sister in law, Judy, visiting with me in Vancouver, Washington

My son Josh and his new little rescue doggie, Phoebe, visiting us in Portland.  Josh is working on his BS in nursing at the University of Portland.  Great guy!
These nice folks (Don looks a little grumpy but he's a Teddy Bear) are my friends and my hosts in Prineville, Oregon, Margie and Don Nelson.  We met a few years back in Rockport, Texas while they were full time RV'rs.  They were going to visit Oregon so I suggested they check out Central Oregon and they liked it so much they bought nine acres and a home on a hill with the best view ever!

If you look dead center and a little to your right behind a tree you will see my 5th wheel parked at my friend's house in Prineville, Oregon.  Look a little further to your right and you will see a small house which I telll you about in the next picture.  The folks on top of the hill have a 360 degree view including Mt. Jefferson.  Beautiful but windy!

This is a close up of the little house behind my trailer.  It was the original house and has been gutted but is structurally sound and has big possibilities.  My friends want me to buy or lease it but we have a lot of details to work out, including how to afford it.  It would be a nice home for me to grow old in while sitting in my rocker on the deck overlooking the valley.  Adding a deck and a peaked roof and a few other things would make it look like a cabin. Check out the view in the next five pictures.  You can't put a price on that view!

This is where I am presently camping, near Frenchglen, Oregon in the Southeastern part of the state

About 150 years ago, two men named French and Glen owned over 200,000 acres here and it was the largest cattle and horse ranch in the Northwest.  This hotel is open and operated by the State.

A rare view of a herd of wild Kiger Mustangs.  There is no other horse in the world like these.  They are amazing and I encourage you to Google them to learn more.  You can actually adopt one and take it home!

I had to drive 13 miles up a rutted dirt road in my 4-wheel drive BFT to see these guys.  It was real rough but well worth the effort.

My campground until tomorrow.  I have to go back to Prineville and take Dexter to the vet.  He has a very sore paw.....poor little guy.

Dexter likes to think he is a big shot holding his bone like a cigar!  This little man has been my savior.