Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summertime in Oregon

I am behind in posting new travel information on my Blog.  I got a little involved with my friends, Margie and Don, in Prineville, Oregon recently.  They are remodeling their bathroom and kitchen and I volunteered to help out while visiting with them.  

I quickly realized how old and out of shape I am, especially during the demolition stages.  Don is limited on what he can do physically so he found a young man to help him out which gave us both some relief but I felt guilty being there and not helping much plus it is getting hotter and I don't have a 30amp plug to run my AC.  I decided to take a few side trips in the area, one to Frenchglen (previous post about wild mustangs) and another to the John Day area where there is a lot of history with fossils and I hoped some good fishing.

The beautiful John Day valley in Eastern Oregon.  If I were more of a loner I could live in this area.  Not much out here but beauty.

Being from Georgia, Don wanted a screened in porch so this is the start.  It turned out real nice.

Margie loves to talk on the phone!  :)  That is Sweetpea on the floor.....Dexter's girlfriend.

I hate hard labor!

Framing in the new bathroom

I can't wait to see it next summer all finished.

Looking out from their new screened porch...beautiful view.

This is Prineville, Oregon.  My friend Jeff and I played that golf least the first nine holes.  I am a really really bad golfer but it is fun.  This used to be the water treatment plant and they turned it into a golf course and use the recycled water to keep the course green.  Don't drink the water!

My camping spot in Frenchglen, along with about ten million mosquitos!

The hiking trail along the river at Frenchglen

The Hansel - Gretel River I could not get access to to fish in at Frenchglen

The John Day river.  I needed a boat or kayak to fish it so I didn't get to go fishing here either!  

The Painted Hills section of the John Day Fossil Beds in Eastern Oregon.  Go to this link to learn all about this fascinating place: 

Painted Hills
Sheeprock Unit of John Day Fossil Beds

This is why I love being out here.  You never know who or what your neighbor will be!  Actually this big girl is used in some type kid's reading program at libraries all over the country. She is so ugly she's cute, with the exception of her tusks!

Mt. Hood on my way to Portland

I am not sure what these are but they are beautiful.  This is near Silverton, Oregon where I am currently staying.  Maybe poppies?

I am hanging out here in Silverton, near Salem, Oregon for a few weeks.  Tomorrow I am going in to Salem for a BBQ with some old buddies I was in the USCGR with for many years. 

Next week I take my 5th wheel trailer in to a dealer in Salem for some more warranty work.  My AC is not doing a good job now that the weather is getting warmer so need to have it checked along with some other minor issues like my TV antenna that fell off the roof while going down the freeway!  

There's a hot spell covering the whole west coast and it is breaking some heat records.  I will be glad when it is over.  As soon as possible I am heading for the Oregon coast for while to cool off.