Friday, August 21, 2015


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Montana to Maine

On July 27, 2015 we began our eleven month journey knowing how fortunate we were to have this special opportunity.  This edition of the blog will share our travels through Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York,Vermont and New Hampshire to our first month long destination in Maine. 

Our trek through the southern route of four provinces in Canada took us to Eagle Lake.  Here we shared time with Cathryn's brother Cliff and sister-in-law Carole at their cabin near Dryden, ON.  We enjoyed walleye dinners, quaint cabin life and lots of laughter with them, nephew Chris and Allison, as well as Carole's mother and most of her siblings.

Cathryn, Carole, Cliff, Tina, Jeff, Bud, Gaye and Olive at the cabin.
Cathryn and John enjoying our visit with family.
Ontario Canada to Wisconsin

Upon leaving Canada, we traveled briefly through the corner of Minnesota into Wisconsin.  We were headed to the Madison area to visit with Cathryn's sister Pat and her family.  Wisconsin charmed us with all it's beautiful farms and fields.  Fortunately Pat, husband Craig and their children, Caitlin and Connor were all available for a nice evening together.  Craig continues his battle with cancer and is broadening his search for treatment options.  We wish him the best and he will continue to be in our prayers.

Craig, Caitlin, Connor, Cathryn and Pat

Amish hay stacks 
On to Michigan

Michigan introduced us to a totally different terrain. The five lakes making up the Great Lakes system are amazing and massive.  We take the scenic by-way routes whenever we can and are never disappointed.                 
Lake Michigan
Mackinac Bridge to Mackinaw City

Entering New York 

Niagara Falls is truly one of the great wonders of the world!  We enjoyed viewing them from the New York side. 

6 million cubic feet of water go over the crestline of the Falls every minute.

Lighthouse on Lake Ontario at Sodus Point, New York
Sodus Point on Lake Ontario

Sun setting on Lake Ontario at Selkirk Shores State Park
Frederick Remington Museum in Ogdenburg, New York.  We enjoyed viewing his original drawings, paintings and bronzes.  This is the area of NY that he enjoyed as his summer studio.  

The farm on Whalen Road near Massena NY that Cathryn owned for 10 years. 

Vermont and New Hampshire

The capital building in Montpelier, Vermont

Our campsite at Russell Pond in the White Mountains National Forest.

The best travel buddies you could have.......Dexter and Annie.

Our evening campfire will close out our blogspot for this edition.  We are now in Freeport, ME and will share more with you in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for following us on this exciting journey.  John and Cathryn.