Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leaving Rockport, Texas, Hello San Antonio!

I am leaving Rockport on Friday with some regrets.  I got here and was feeling a little sorry for myself and down but I have met some of the nicest people since being here that I really hate to leave but I know I must move on for now.  I have had some really good times and have felt very welcome since being at this park.  Not all RV parks have the personality or good friendly management this park has so I plan to come back here again next Winter, maybe in February and March and do some fishing next time.

My neighbors, Lauren and Debbie and their dog Oscar from Arkansas, that I told you about in my previous posting, live in the "Lil Snoozy" travel trailer next to mine.  We have come to know each other well the past six weeks and I have really enjoyed visiting with them daily and in the evenings around our fire.  They have decided they like my trailer and are going to look for one similar to upgrade to.  They love their trailer but it is a little small for full time living.

My other close neighbors, Fred and Judy (Fred is a very young 79 year old) and their dog Cookie from near Austin, Texas and Larry and Nancy and their big dog Buddy, from Nebraska, have been wonderful as well and we have shared some great talks and happy hours together on the patio and around the campfire.  In addition to my close by rv neighbors, fellow rv'ers from the front section (they like to tell us we live in the low rent district since we are in the back section) come down and visit almost daily.  Dickey and his dog Betsy from Tennessee, Margie and her dog Sweetpee from Georgia, like to come down and we turn all the dogs loose and let them play and run.  It is fun for them and us.

I have met so many nice people here.  Jon and Jolene from Illinois, Randy and Martha from wherever they are at the moment, Gail and Rick from Indiana I think, Wanda and Darryl from Iowa I think, Larry and Terrie from way up in the Panhandle of Texas and the hosts, Pam and C.J.  I never imagined I would meet so many folks in such a short time and feel like I have known them for a long time.  I hope to see most of them back here in the coming winters as many of them have been coming here for years.  So to all my new friends, I wish them safe travels and good health.  Here are some pictures of my new friends in Rockport, Texas.

Loren and Debbie and Oscar

Judy and Fred and Debbie and Loren

Debbie, Dickey, Judy, Nancy, Larry and Loren

Don, Larry, Fred, Judy, Nancy and Margie

When I leave here on Friday I am going to Shiner, Texas where Shiner beer is made.  It is a little town of about 2500 but has a brewery that has been putting out beer for over a hundred years.  I am going to take a tour and I will tell you more about it after the tour.  From Shiner I am going through Lockheart, Texas and overeat some of what is called Texas's best bar-b-q.  I will also tell you about that later.  After that I am heading for Canyon Lake, near where we used to live for a few days before I park for a month at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.

I ordered tickets to go to the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show on the day Reba is going to be in concert.  I could not bring myself to pay $175 for center area tickets (center going up!) so I bought balcony tickets for $40.  I will need to remember to take my binoculars!

I have a cardiologist appointment while there and want to make sure all is functioning correctly before I go on my summer adventures.  I have a property sitting job lined up April and May on a large lake in East Texas.  All I do is be there most of the time to prevent crime or call the fire department etc on these folks estate while they are on a cruise.  Free rent so going to do that and I will be close enough to visit or have visits (maybe) from my brother and sisters that live close by.  I will tell more about that later.

I have to head toward Montana after that gig as I have committed to a job at Traveler's Rest Lodge in East Glacier Park, Montana from mid June to the end of September.  I will have free parking and utilities plus wages for 25 hours work per week.  I will make that a separate posting as I am sure there will some good stuff to talk about while there and on the way up there and some amazing pictures....maybe even one of the trophy trout I catch!  I am going to learn a lot there like living around Grizzly bears and wolves.! Should be interesting.

After that, I plan to head back to Portland, Oregon and stay there over the holidays with my children and grandchildren until the end of the year.  Until later, be safe and happy trails.

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