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Our names are John and Cathryn and we live in  Kalispell, Montana with our beautiful Golden Retriever, Annie.  After we both experienced some rough patches late in life, we met each other through a mutual friend in October of 2014. The summer of 2016 we returned to Cathryn's home in Montana after a year long RV trip together around this beautiful country.  We traveled over 31,000 miles and drove through over 35 states.  It was an adventure to remember and one that sealed a friendship between us that we hope will last the rest of our lives.  We have decided to continue living here in Northwest Montana and have started building our "together" home in the country outside of Kalispell.  As our new home on two country acres becomes our special place to live out our golden years, we hope you will share the adventures with us through this blog. We are happy, content and enjoying life "one day at a time" to the fullest! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OMG! A Really Bad Senior Moment!

Turn The Water Off!

I don't normally post on my blog this often but I have been asked by a few people to post more frequently.  Lately my life has been pretty boring just hanging around and nothing super interesting to tell anyone about or good pictures.   I must admit I did get some pretty nice pictures of some longhorn cattle...Texas cattle....recently   so maybe I can post those.

My reason for this post is to vent some frustration with myself.  I heard the owner's of this property come in early in the wee hours of the morning last night.  This morning I was out doing some organizing prior to getting ready to leave when Harry, the owner, came by.  I was surprised he would be up this early but I also know Harry is a workaholic (his wife Joyce told me this so it is firsthand). Anyway we get to talking and looking at my BFT.....Big Ford Truck.  I was in the process of draining the black tank and rinsing it out when we started talking.  I had dumped the real stuff and was filling the tank to dump again and get it good and clean so I could dump again and get any residue out.  

Well.....after Harry left I went back to my chores and I saw water coming out of the sides of my LTR...Little Travel Rig.   What the hell!!??  I forgot to turn off the water and the toilet was overflowing all over the floor of my trailer and draining out wherever it could find a low spot.  Well.....I shut off the water and adjusted the trailer so it would drain to one side and you cannot imagine how much water was still inside my trailer.  I grabbed a bunch of old towels...my brother told me one should always keep a bunch of these handy and he was right....and started soaking up the water.  

Now to top this stressful crisis off I had made plans to drive to a town about 40 miles from me and take lunch to my two sisters that live there.  I did my best to get this mess cleaned up but saw this was going to take awhile so I called and delayed my visit so I could get this done.   It was not as bad as you think since I had dumped the real stuff from the black tank and this was overflow but it still carried some residue and made me concerned.  I got the main water out...no carpet...so only on the flooring.  I then used Lysol to clean and then bleach to clean so I feel pretty good that the floor is probably cleaner than it was when I bought this rig.  However, I still want to get into all corners and disinfect and clean so it will be an ongoing job for awhile.  I bought some nice smelling Lemon Pine Sol to finish off the job.

What a day!!  I was glad to leave for awhile when things were in control.  I bought some Five Guys burgers (really good if you haven't had them) and took them to my sister's while we visited.  After that I had to stop at Costco (because it was there) and WalMart for some things before hitting the road tomorrow morning.   I had planned to wash the towels and a rug but ran out of time so they will stay in the back of the BFT until I get the opportunity down the road.

I am sitting here now having my second Scotch and feeling a little more relaxed after a hectic day.  Actually.....I am very anxious for tomorrow to come so I can go on down the road.   I want to see how this truck pulls my LTR plus I really enjoy what is waiting around the next bend.  I will be heading West towards Amarillo and make my decision on which direction to go from there....right now I am leaning towards going on to Flagstaff and north by my brother's place in Hurricane, Utah and on up from there to Glacier.  I can come in the south end of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and go from there and  it is beautiful country.

One thing I learned today....I am getting more and more forgetful so I need to be more  aware of what is going on.  I am going to start playing some of those brain games on the pc and doing more crossword puzzles.  I call them Senior Moments but it could be the beginning of something else....I will keep good notes just in case I forget what to tell the doctor should it come to that meeting.

See you down the road.  :)