Monday, September 23, 2013


Going To The Sun Road to Logan Pass

Last Thursday I had to go into Kalispel to stock up before my trip to Oregon this Friday…a week later.  I decided to drive back to East Glacier through the park on the famous Going To The Sun Road over Logan Pass.  The road was constructed in 1932.

I had been across this road ten years ago when Pati and I took an RV trip up here and again a few months or so back when I went across to the west and on up toward Canada to the tiny town of Polebridge.  They are closing the road for the season in a few days so I did the drive, which is not for the faint-hearted.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I just wish I could have seen a Grizzly!

There is about a thousand foot drop a few feet from the road barrier.

Notice the waterfall at about eight o'clock.

You can see the road I came over along the mountain side.

That's the road again.

Goose Island when I was almost through the park....very pretty.

Self explanatory but amazing.  This is  the only place in the US that three rivers are fed by the snowmelt and rain.

Triple Divide Peak as I was looking at it.

After leaving Glacier, I was approaching the town of Browning on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and that is the Harvest Moon rising in the East with the sunset reflected above it.
 It has been a very busy and interesting Summer here and one I won't forget soon.  Keeping busy and responsible helped me have the strength to continue forward on my new life journey without Pati.  I feel good and lost twelve pounds and a bunch of inches.  I will definitely come back some year soon to visit with the wonderful friends I made while working and being here.  

Thanks Bob, Diane, Marty, Tony and, especially Woody, for making me feel so welcome.  I wish you all Happy Trails and good health.