Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summertime in Kalispell, Montana

Summertime In Kalispell, Montana

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Sunrise from Cathryn's deck.

I am an official Montanan now.  I gave up my Texas driver's license for a Montana license.  In addition to really liking this area, and a certain lady who lives here, I want to be a Montana resident when we return here in June of next year so I can get my fishing license cheaper. Cathryn said she wants to go fishing with me. You will understand why I want to go fishing later in this posting when you see the fish picture!

In my last posting I mentioned that I was going to spend this summer in Kalispell, Montana with Cathryn. After having new tires installed on the truck and the axles aligned and the roof sealed on the 5th wheel, I have it stored close by and Dexter and I moved into her home with her and Annie.   Here are some pictures of our new summer home.

Cathryn's House

Looking out from Cathryn's back deck we see the Swan Mountains in the distance.  In the winter they are all covered with snow.  This community park is directly behind the house.

Day trips we have taken around Kalispell

Driving up the Going To The Sun Highway in Glacier National Park - BEAUTIFUL!

Late McDonald in Glacier National Park

Cathryn by Upper McDonald Creek in Glacier NP.

We were looking for Harliquin ducks feeding in the river.

Peaceful and calm Lake McDonald in Glacier on a beautiful day.  Almost Heaven!

Flathead Lake looking north toward Kalispell.  This is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River.
Picnic lunch on the deck at friends Brace and Kathleen's cabin at Ashley Lake near Kalispell.
Bear grass before blooming

Bear grass after blooming.

Classic 1940's restored beauty!
They even had restored cars at the boat show.

Making  New Friends In Kalispell, Montana

Me, Cathryn, Chuck and Carol when we drove through Glacier Park together after church. Chuck is a  young 83 year old real cowboy and gentleman.  Carol & Cathryn have been friends for many years.

The beautiful view from Carol's deck

Mike, Cathryn, Diane and Carol at Carol's beautiful condo for dinner.

Me, Cathryn, Barb and John having a great late lunch together at the restaurant in the next picture. They are old friends of Cathryn's and John is a former Coastie and VietNam vet like me.  Very nice people.
We had the best smoked prime rib ever at this fabulous place near Flathead Lake.

Brace and Kathleen....long time special friends of Cathryn's.  Sorry Brace for backing you into the flowers for the photo. 
John, Linda and me at their home in Seeley Lake, Montana.  We have been close friends since the early 70's when we were neighbors in California. They only live about 70 miles south of Kalispell.

Cathryn's son Bart doing what he loves to do.  Beautiful fish! Someday I will catch a big one like that! Bart is a respected guide and outfitter and really knows where the big ones are. (Do I have an "in" or what?)  He is our elk meat provider too!  Thanks Bart.....appreciate your sharing with us.
Annie's Favorite Swimming Holes

At Ashley Lake flying off the dock....she loves it!

Annie waiting for her people to catch up on the way to the dock at Ashley Lake.  

The water is crystal clear at Ashley Lake and they have Loons!  If you have never heard a the sound of the on the following link
Annie zeroing in on her ball at Jessup Pond.

Returning the ball thrown far out into the pond.

Spring fed Jessup Pond at the fish hatchery is our favorite place to take Annie.
Family Comes to Montana for a Visit.......

We invited my sister Hazel and cousin Edna from Texas to come visit us at Cathryn's home here in Kalispell and they accepted.  We really enjoyed sharing this beautiful area with them for a few days. In addition to taking them into Glacier National Park and to all the local area attractions, including our special Hockaday Museum of Art, we grilled them some elk backstrap steak, made homemade huckleberry and raspberry ice cream and shared some local Flathead cherries.  Lots of fun for all.

Birthday celebrations for Edna and Hazel at the East Shore Smokehouse Grill.

Edna mixing up the ingredients for homemade ice cream using Cathryn's fresh raspberries from her garden.

Flathead cherries.....a local favorite.

Having lunch at McDonald Lake Lodge in Glacier National Park.

These "Jammers" have been used to give tours in Glacier since the 1930's.

Hazel's inner child on display!

Avalanche Creek Gorge on the Trail of The Cedars in Glacier.

We passed this guy on the trail.  Since no dogs can be on the trail he figured out a way to take his dog with him.....neat!

That's it folks!  Now....we are off on our year long journey around the United States.  Happy Trails until we meet again.

View of a beautiful rainbow over the mountains from Cathryn's deck.

Cathryn and John.....Happy Days together as we travel with you.