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Our names are John and Cathryn and we live in  Kalispell, Montana with our beautiful Golden Retriever, Annie.  After we both experienced some rough patches late in life, we met each other through a mutual friend in October of 2014. The summer of 2016 we returned to Cathryn's home in Montana after a year long RV trip together around this beautiful country.  We traveled over 31,000 miles and drove through over 35 states.  It was an adventure to remember and one that sealed a friendship between us that we hope will last the rest of our lives.  We have decided to continue living here in Northwest Montana and have started building our "together" home in the country outside of Kalispell.  As our new home on two country acres becomes our special place to live out our golden years, we hope you will share the adventures with us through this blog. We are happy, content and enjoying life "one day at a time" to the fullest! 

Monday, September 14, 2015


Freeport Maine and the Central Coast

After leaving New Hampshire we headed to the central coast of Maine with plans to stay a month. We fell in love with Maine and the people here.  It is a beautiful place with history around every corner dating back hundreds of years.  The following pictures will give you a brief glimpse of our time here.

L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport

Our campsite at Cedar Haven Campground just outside of Freeport

Annie and Dexter liked the freedom our site allowed them.

Need I say more!  Smores'!

We are on a Lobster hunt at the coast!

Fresh lobster being unloaded directly from the boats.

Unfortunately the price of lobster is higher than usual but still a bargain.

Maine coastal homes are beautiful.

Let's eat some lobster!

We had these big boys cooked before we brought them home for dinner.

We made our own lobster rolls!  Great!

Day tripping around the area

This Shaker Village was established in 1783.  Today the Shakers' daily lives revolve around their religious faith, commitment to their Shaker family, care and preservation of their heritage, in addition to raising sheep, cattle, fruits, vegetables and herbs. 


Kennebunkport....summer home of the Bush family.

We may have just taken a picture of the Bush Family compound on Walker Point!  

We would need a nice pay raise from our Social Security to afford to live here!

Island hopping along the coast

Lobster shacks are everywhere.

Cribstone Bridge connecting two of the many islands along the coast.  It was built by a Scottish gentleman hundreds of years ago and the locals claim it is the only one built in this manner in the world.  

The harbors are all very quaint.

Boothbay Harbor

We had lobster sliders for lunch here and Cathryn made me let her take this picture.  I only agreed so you could see all the lobster traps in the back of me.

If we could afford it this would be our new home!

The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions Up Close

We were fortunate to see these beautiful horses at a local riding academy.  They have been in the same family for over 300 years!

This is one of the "battle jumps" these horse were trained for hundreds of years ago.  During war battles, on command, they jumped up 3-4 feet and kicked back at the enemy as the rider fired forward.

Annie's Beach!

This will be Annies first time swimming in the ocean water

She loved it!

I took this picture for my brother.....I like it!  

Fort Popham....built during the Civil War to defend the ports inland.  There were 13 such forts built during that time in the same general area.

Shaker architecture is very evident in Maine homes.

Beautiful churches like this are common.  The church we attended while here, the First Parish Church, United Church of Christ in Brunswick, Maine, is over 300 years old.  It was attended by famous and notable people over the years including Harriet Beecher Stowe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Martin Luther King, General Joshua Chamberlain (Civil War hero and Governor of Maine) and Eleanor Roosevelt.

What's next you ask?  Acadia National Park and Moose hunting.....with a camera!

Happy Trails until we meet again.....John and Cathryn.