Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leaving New Orleans

I had to extend myself for an additional day here near New Orleans because my mail did not come in until today.  That will give me a chance to do nothing again for another day.  Whoopee.  It is getting pretty boring around here.  My leg is still very tender so I can't even get in some good cardio exercise.

Yesterday, December 12th, I took Dexter with me (he was glad to go even if he had to stay in the car) and we drove about 60 miles to a plantation called Laura: A Creole Plantation.  It was very interesting and the tour was very informative.  This plantation, which dates back to 1804, was a 10,000 acre sugarcane plantation on the banks of the Mississippi River and had over 500 slave laborers.  It was owned and managed by the same family until sold in the 1930's with the women in total control of the business during it's time.  I must say I really enjoy seeing stuff like this that has so much history.

The main plantation house.  Not as pretty or elaborate as some others I have seen.

Slave quarters. Up to ten people slept lived here and there were over 50 on the plantation 
These are some of the home implements the slaves used.

I am known for being wishy-washy so in trying to maintain that reputation, I made a decision to turn around and head back west towards Texas last night.  I am not comfortable down here and I fear it may get worse if I keep going east.  I have found myself feeling really sad since being here.....sad because it is so lonely without Pati, there are no people around in this rv park and the feeling of being alone in a new place with no friends or relatives close by.

A friend sent me an email today.  She lost her husband four years ago and relates well to my issue.  She sent me a quote that is quiet true.  Queen Elizabeth II said in a message to the US after 911, "grief is the price we pay for love".  How true is that?!  Loving someone or being in love is both the happiest and saddest times we will ever face.

So....tomorrow I am heading back west to a place called Coushatta Casino Resort in a small Louisiana town called Kinder, fairly close to the Texas state line.  I picked it because it is a five star resort with excellent reviews, has a first class rv park and numerous restaurants to partake in and a golf course so I can hit the driving range and the putting green a bit.   That plus the fact the daily rv rate is low ($20-25) and if I stay for three days I get two additional days free.   I am not a gambler so won't do more than play a few slot machines plus I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.  At least I will be around people for a change.

I plan to stay five days and then head down the Texas coast to Rockport, Texas before Christmas day. That was my original plan anyway and, although I consider Oregon my home state, I feel comfortable in Texas since Pati and I lived there for the last seven years of her life and I was born and raised in Texas.  I  intend to go back through San Antonio and visit some old friends and look at my options before I head back to the Northwest around June.  I grew really fond of the Hill Country around Boerne north of San Antonio where we built our dream home before our world crashed.  I may even look around that area for a small home or lot to build a small home on for a winter home.  It is pretty expensive and I doubt I can afford it now but worth checking out.  I plan to do the same thing next Summer in Bend because that is where I would really like to have a permanent home if I can do it.

More about me after I get settled in at Kinder, Louisiana.