Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rockport, Texas

Tonight is Christmas Eve.  I actually got here Friday, the 21st, but I have something to share with you about my trip from Kinder, Louisiana to Rockport, Texas.  The day I left Kinder it was pretty windy and I knew there was going to be some wind that day but it got worse.  I fought the wind until I got past Houston, Texas and then for safety reasons I just had to stop for the night.  I decided to pull into a WalMart parking lot and set it out.

I was doing fine until a couple of big trucks pulled in beside me and refused to shut off their engines.  I got frustrated and moved to the side of the parking lot where it was quieter.  The wind blowed like I have not seen and after dark a guy, I won't say more about him, started knocking on my door!  I was not about to open my door but he kept pounding so I hit the panic button on my tow vehicle and the alarm went off.  Well, he took off running so I think I called that one right.   I tried to get some sleep but the wind was frightening and I was a little shook up so I sat up most of the night hoping the trailer wouldn't turn over.  I did make it through the night and took off the next morning, still with wind but not as bad, and headed for Rockport.

So here I set on Christmas Eve feeling a little sorry for myself.  I really miss Pati and the boys.  In 46 years I have never had Christmas without Pati except for 1967 when I was in Viet Nam.  It is very difficult.  The RV park I am staying in is having a White Elephant thing tonight and I intended to go.  I even got a gift and wrapped it but I have decided not to go.  I just do not feel comfortable going alone.

I went to a little birthday thing last night for a one of the neighbors and one of the folks asked me where my wife was.  It really hit me hard and I know that person meant no hurt but it did make me very sad.  This is probably not a good decision but it is the one I made.  I am going to set here by myself and probably drink too much but that is the way it is for now.  I will go to Christmas lunch tomorrow with this group of RV park neighbors that I don't know.  I plan to make a sweet potato casserole to add to the meal and try hard to enjoy myself with some very nice folks.  I will tell you more after Christmas and share some initial pictures of the area.

Christmas Day, 2012

I actually didn't drink too much last night and went to bed early so got up early this morning and made a sweet potato casserole as my contribution to the RV Park's Christmas dinner today.  It turned out really good but was just one of many delicious items at our spread, including a turkey and a ham provided by the campground hosts, Pam and C.J.  They are super nice people and go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy and has everything they need.  I picked the right place to stay but I can only stay until Feb.1st and then I have to move to make room for someone else that reserved my space and there are no others available.  I put a deposit down on a space in a little park in town and it will do for the month of February but I would rather stay right where I am.  Maybe someone will cancel and I can stay here.

After dinner today, my neighbors invited me and some other folks to have drinks with them.  It was really nice and we let our dogs (we all have a dog) run around and have fun.  A storm was blowing in and the temperature, which reached 80 degrees today, quickly started dropping so we had to give it up about 6pm as it was getting too cold and windy.  As I am writing this the wind is really blowing out there and it is getting colder.  It will get near freezing tonight and around 55 tomorrow but it will warm back up in a few days.  I will download a few pictures here to show where I am etc.

My home until Feb 1, 2012

I am working on losing that gut!

This is how I spend most of my time, weather permitting.

Rockport Marina

Rockport in the city

Rockport Marina area

Free ferry going to Port Aransas on Padre Island

GPS on the ferry

Lots of beach on Port Aransas and you can drive on it.

Corpus Christi, Texas

My neighbors trailer.  They are from Arkansas.  Everyone is taking bets on how long they will last in this little guy!